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Tintern Abbey             

Tintern Abbey was one of the greatest of the Welsh Abbeys.  It was built by the local lord of Chepstow, Walter of Clare, in 1131.  The first monks at Tintern were from the L’Aumone  Abbey in France, a successful Cistercian abbey.  More>>
Tintern Abbey
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Tintern Abbey
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Tintern Abbey
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Tintern Abbey
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Tintern Abbey
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Tintern Abbey

Order: Cistercian, a white robed, reformed, Benedictine-based order.

Location: On the Wye River near Chepstow, Wales.

Founded:   Built by the local lord of Chepstow Walter of Clare in 1131.  The first monks at Tintern were from  the L’Aumone Abbey in France.

Short History: Tintern Abbey was large and prosperous from its founding. Many came there to
seek the religious life, so many that Tintern monks founded a number of additional abbeys in their turn, including Tintern Parva in Ireland and Kingswood Abbey in Glouchestershire. Tintern was spared the torches of Edward II's men, but not Henry VIII's Law of Supression.  Richard Wych, the last Abbot of Tintern surrendered the abbey to be dissolved in 1536.  The land and properties were then given to the Earl of Somerset.

Of Interest: Cistercian's esteemed the Virgin Mary and dedicated their monasteries to her.  At  Tintern, a sculpture of the Virgin and Child was a site of pilgrimage, and said to be the source of miracles. 

Famous for: Tintern Abbey was famous for providing inspiration to a number of Romantic Era poets, including William Wordsworth's famous ‘Lines Composed a few miles above Tintern Abbey, 13 July 1798’

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  • Restoring the miraculous Virgin and Child, though the Friends of Our Lady of Tintern.

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