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Historical Research, Subjects in General:

  • Laurence University History Department's Doing History pages.  I'm not sure I like the title of their pages much...but these are comprehensive links pages and easily navigated.  Included in these pages is a sturdy "how-to" research guide geared for college students but good in general.  Links include pages for the professional and beginner, to historical societies, and interesting sites such a link to this page "China Related Websites."
  • Rutgers University has a number of pages devoted to a good slice of British and American History.  Check out their documents and links pages, very comprehensive. Unfortunately their link to De Legibus Et Consuetudinibus Angliæ or - Henry of Bracton's Laws and Customs of England though Cornell U is broken.  You can find it instead through Harvard University's Bracton Online pages. 
  • WWI anyone?  Head over to the trenches, then.  Trenches on the Web offers a comprehensive history of World War I, plus a dynamite, go-anywhere, links page.
  • Here's one I like, the Godey's Lady Book.  Thanks to Hope Greenberg and the University of Vermont for bringing this womens magazine to the web.  This site includes both full volumes and extracts spanning issues printed from 1850 to 1858.
  • Some law sites for you, The Avalon Project at Yale Law School : "Documents in Law, History and Diplomacy" and also good old Find Law, which allows searches and provides information for US Supreme Court decisions since 1937.  And more law!  This page, A Chronology of US Historical Documents, comes through the University of Oklahoma College of Law--everything from the Magna Carta, to the Fugitive Slave Law, to George W. Bush's State of the Union Speech in 2006.  Not all their links are running, though. :(
  • Here's another fun one, a link to The London Gazette, fully electronic with selected dates from 1674 to 1692. 
  • Deb's Historical Research Page is a comprehensive links page.  It's best for the lighter research tasks, as not all the pages are 'scholarly.'  But there is no doubt this page is a gift to researchers and a tremendous help to get started or answer general knowledge questions.  Some wonderful gems on her site include links to such things as Soldiers' Hairstyles, Motor Car Pamphlets for the UK governing road safety in the 19th Century, and The Guillotine Headquarters (is that supposed to be a pun?) featuring a lovely gallery of models.

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